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About Midwest Law Works 

More Than Just an Attorney

Having a legal issue can be a stressful and mentally taxing experience. It often involves challenges like establishing residency, navigating business setups, or protecting yourself in real estate transactions. Midwest Law Works understands the confusion and daunting nature of these tasks, and they are dedicated to standing with you, protecting your rights, and fighting for your best interests. You don't have to face these challenges alone; Midwest Law Works is here to support you and your loved ones.

Midwest Law Works LLC offers an initial consultation to assess how they can serve your interests. Legal cases can be complex and intimidating, but Christian, the attorney at Midwest Law Works, will guide you through every step of your case. They will keep you updated, ensure your understanding of the process, and provide advice on every decision that needs to be made. The goal is to keep you involved and at the center of every case, providing a sense of calm and comfort. Midwest Law Works is proud to have protected the rights of people in the Greater Rockford, IL, Elgin, and Crystal Lake areas for many years.

To benefit from their services, call today and schedule a consultation.

Meet our Team

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Christian Solares 

Lead Attorney

In the realm of legal professionals dedicated to upholding justice and serving their clients with unwavering commitment, Attorney Christian Solares of Midwest Law Works stands out as a prominent figure. With a passion for advocacy and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the law, Solares has established himself as a trusted advocate, guiding individuals and businesses through complex legal matters. Let's delve into the life and accomplishments of Attorney Christian Solares, shedding light on his journey and his invaluable contributions to the field of law.

With his unwavering dedication to justice, exceptional legal expertise, and a passion for empowering his clients, Attorney Christian Solares leaves an indelible mark on the legal profession. Through his continued advocacy and commitment to serving the community, Solares sets a remarkable example for aspiring attorneys and remains a trusted ally for individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of the legal system.

Bethany Pederson

Practice Manager / Estate Planning Paralegal

Bethany Pederson is our practice manager and estate planning paralegal. With over five years
of experience in aerospace contracts and her time as a business owner, Bethany has developed a
deep understanding of managing complex agreements, strategic planning, operations, and client
relations. Throughout her professional career, Bethany has maintained a strong commitment to
professional development and enjoys applying her unique skillset to help our clients plan their
estates effectively; ensuring their piece of mind.

Bethany moved to Rockford, Illinois from St. Croix County, Wisconsin 10 years ago and holds a
degree in Theology. Bethany’s father owned a small business and she witnessed first-hand the
dedication, hard work, and self-sacrifice it takes to start and run a business from the ground up.
As a result, one of her passions and additional areas of expertise is assisting the attorney with

business documents related to initial creation and start-up. Bethany enjoys spending time locally
in Rockford, and will take her dog, Belen, to any restaurant or venue that allows dogs! She
enjoys traveling, hiking, and collects rare indoor plants.

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Jeanette Ramos

Immigration Paralegal

Jeannette Ramos is our paralegal who works primarily with immigration cases. She is bilingual
and has excellent people skills. She is well experienced in at servicing the community. Jeannette
was born in Chile and came to US in 1976, her father was a political prisoner and US extended
him and his family a refugee visa. Being an immigrant herself, she knows how difficult could be
the adjustment to a new culture; therefore, she advocates for Immigrants, and has empathy with
our clients. In her previous employment as the head of the Student Assignment Center, she not
only managed her team but worked very close with immigrant families helping with the
assignment process. Additionally, she connected them with services needed.
Jeannette has studies in Psychology and Sociology and holds a degree from CDI in Computer
Science (1982) and has a vast experience in many different areas including: Programming,
Project Management, Senior Data Analyst, Customized Reports and Quality Control Measures,
Developed and Maintained Numerous Software Systems, Manage, Formulate Data and Reports
Deposited in Parent’s and Administrator’s Portals Systems.

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